Inductive proximity sensor, D6.5 Stainless steel, M8-plug, Sn 2mm, Flush mount, Short body, PNP, NO, Supply voltage 10-36Vdc, Max output current 200 mA, Max switching frequency 2 kHz, Operating temperature -25C - +80C, IP67

• A complete family. Available in Ø6.5 mm male thread robust stainless steel housings with an operating distance of 2 mm.

• Easy to install. The user can choose between short and long body housings in 2 m PVC cable or M8-disconnect plug versions.

• High precision. The onboard advanced microcontroller ensures better stability with respect to environmental influences, with highly repeatable measurements between -25 and +80°C.

• Integrated diagnostic function with flashing LED in the event of a short circuit or overload

• Easy customization to specific OEM requests: different cable lengths and materials, special labelling, customized pig-tail solutions with special cables and connectors are possible on request.

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