Inductive proximity sensor, M30 Stainless steel, M12 plug, Sn 10mm, Flush mount, Short body, NPN NC output, Supply voltage 10-36Vdc, Max output current 200 mA, Max switching frequency 1 kHz, Operating temperature -40C - +80C, IP67, IP68, IP69K, Ecolab

• A complete family. Available in M12, M18 and M30 housings with an operating distance from 4 to 22 mm

. • Less machine downtime. Lower risk of mechanical damage thanks to the extended range sensors with 2 times the standard operating distance.

• E1-type approval by the German Federal Motor Transport Authority, assures the sensor complies with the automotive standards and is allowed to be mounted on vehicles.

• High EMC standards with immunity to false actuation when exposed to radiated noise with field strengths of up to 200 V/m and immunity to conducted RF noise of 10 V.

• Extended power supply range from 8 to 60 V DC, to allow reliable operation in mobile equipment, where the power source is often only a conventional vehicle battery, requiring a very low voltage in some particular situations.

• Load-dump protection protects the electronics against voltage peaks in the onboard power supply. These damaging voltage surges are typically generated when the alternator is charging the battery, supplying charging current, and the battery connection is lost, generally due to corrosion or poor connection.

• Easy to install. ICS12 and ICS18 sensors have a milled section for wrench grip. The LED also indicates when there is a short circuit or overload condition. The user can choose between 2 m PUR cable and M12-plug versions.

• High precision. The onboard advanced microcontroller ensures better stability with respect to environmental influences, with highly repeatable measurements between -40 and +85°C (-40 and +185°F).

• Easy customization to specific OEM requests such as pigtail solutions with special cables and connectors used in mobile equipments are possible on request.

• Product traceability. Permanently legible part number and serial number, laser engraved on the plastic cap, guarantee the traceability of every sensor.

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