Diffuse-reflective Photoelectric Sensor, IO-Link, range 1000 mm, infrared modulated light 850nm, Power Supply 10-30VDC, NPN/PNP/Push-pull, N.O., N.C., M8 Plug, 10x30x20mm housing Plastic, IP67

• Red or infrared sensor with IO-Link with a adjustable distance of 100 to 1000 mm, either by trimmer or via IOLink.

• Application functions: Pattern Recognition, Speed & Length, Divider function and Object & Gap Monitoring.

• Neighbour Immunity, selectable up to 3 sensors

• Easy customization to specific OEM requests by use of the build in IO-Link functionalities.

• The output can be operated either as a standard switching output or in IO-Link mode.

• Fully configurable via output IO-Link v 1.1. Electrical outputs can be configured as PNP / NPN / Push-Pull / External input, normally open or normally closed.

• Timer functions can be set, such as ON-delay, Offdelay, and one shots

. • Logging functions: Temperatures, detecting counter, power cycles and operating hours.

• Detection modes Single point, two point and windows mode.

• Logic functions: AND, OR, XOR and Gated SR-FF.

• Analogue output: In IO-Link mode the sensor will generate 16 bit analogue process data output representing various selectable process data such as received signal level.

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