• Panel space savings. The slimmest product in the range accomodates up to 37 AAC in a width of only 17.5 mm giving 25% space saving per SSR compared to 22.5 mm solutions. • Less maintenance costs. Wire bonding technology reduces thermal and mechanical stresses of the output chips resulting in a larger number of operational cycles compared to other assembly technologies.

• Low machine downtime. Integrated overvoltage protection prevents the solid state relay from breaking down due to uncontrolled transients that may occur on the lines.

• Ease of use. The RGC ready-to-use solution is provided with integrated heatsink thus eliminating the need for the user to calculate the size of heatsink needed for adequate thermal dissipation

. • Cost effective protection co-ordination. The high I²t specification permits easy Type 2 protection co-ordination with B-type Minitaure Circuit Breakers.

• Fast wiring. Power connections for models rated ≥37 A are equipped with terminals that can handle cables up to 25 mm2 / AWG3 cables. Spring loaded control terminals are also available that help reduce installation time.

• Accommodates UL508A requirements for Industrial Control Panels. The RGC is certified as a listed product. All models carry a 100 kArms Short Circuit Current Rating.

• Protection against SSR overheat. Optional feature with integrated over temperature protection protects the RGC output from getting damaged in case of overheating. This feature is present by default on the variants with integrated fan and optional on other variants.

1P-SSC-AC IN-ZC 600V 20A 1200VP-E-SRW IN

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